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Coller Serrer

Price 12.00

This natural powder, ore extract will accompany you all night Overflowing lubrication guarantees No more vaginal dryness


Price 15.00

Timiya is a natural aphrodisiac gel that will increase the pleasure of both partners for a successful sexuality timiya makes you sweet gives you another taste that your partner will not find elsewhere Timiya plays a role on the duration of your relationship and strengthens the links with your partner

Kabako tea

Price 15.00

Kabako tea is a tea recognized for these incredible effects on men The essential tea of ​​men !! a mix of plants for sexual performance, endurance and more!

Vetiver miracle herbal tea

Price 8.00

vetiver otherwise called khamare, gongonlili in traditional language a plant with long stems and multiple benefits from Africa this herbal tea is consumed for the well-being of the woman of man and children. the virtues of vetiver, khamare

Ovule Detox

Price 8.00

Ovum detox 100% medicinal plants to fight against any intimate problems itching, mycosis, cyst, bad smell, white loss ..

Heated massage gel

Price 8.00

Heating massage gel, energizing and stimulating for a massage between well-being and the sensual 100g

The Palm Tree cream

Price 10.00

face cream specially for fats and acnes based on palm oil suitable for all skin types a natural product for face care apply on the face morning and evening of 3 days of use you will notice the difference.

Magic powder

Price 10.00

Powder 100% plants said magic for its effects on the body of the woman. Increases libido improves natural lubrication 2 teaspoons mix with yogurt or fresh milk to drink 1 hour before bedtime

7th heaven

Price 15.00

Totally natural water-based gel, essential oil that will send your darling to the 7th heaven it is also called ardent desire .. A desire for the couple the effect is like icy. To apply on the intimate part just before intercourse can be applied also on the sex of the man directly.

Capsule for men

Price 15.00

Organic capsule particularly recommended for men experiencing erection problems, sexual breakdown, weaknesses, punctually or recurrent or in search of increased performance Mixture of plants including superba butea and others