Rebooster la libido et pimenter vos rapports sexuels grâce à la sélection de produits et des lingeries sexy  que notre boutique en ligne propose.

Pour charmer encore plus votre partenaire, découvrez le pouvoir miraculeux de L'encens intime qui vous rendra fou d'elle, boule de Geisha Après une longue journée de travail et un dîner à la chandelle inoubliable, laissez-vous emporté par un moment sensuel de détente érotisme avec notre gamme de produit naturel  Bain de nuit. Afin de compléter l'ambiance en amoureux, n'oubliez pas les lubrifiants, les bougies ou encore les parfums pour votre bien être.

Magic powder

Price 10.00

Powder 100% plants said magic for its effects on the body of the woman. Increases libido improves natural lubrication 2 teaspoons mix with yogurt or fresh milk to drink 1 hour before bedtime

Spray M Up

Price 15.00

based on plant ingredients to ensure a longer and stronger erection. improves erection control

Stay Up

Price 15.00

Delaying cream that allows better control of excitement and ejaculation.

Excess of love

Price 20.00

Excess of love with this gel you will be able to combine thrill and orgasm 2 hazelnuts on intimate parties and let yourself be surprised excitement before during and after .. composed of natural product aloe vera, water essential oil, peppermint and other ingredients

Heart of Love Heart of Heating Massage

Price 18.00

Beautiful heart offers tender and languorous massage in sensual heat shedding.

Paradise 3 in 1

Price 15.00

paradise is a triple action lubricating oil this lubricant fights irritations, infections and bad smells its triple action provides intense pleasure for partners and gives off a fruity smell give a force to the man women love it !! bottle of 30 ml

Foot twist jewelry

Price 10.00

this jewel will sublimate your foot

Coller serrer Strawberry

Price 11.90

sticking squeezing strawberry is a natural inedible lubricant its fresh fruity strawberry scent increases the excitement lubrication until the early morning and your partner will be the happiest

Colon bloating herbal tea

Price 10.00

Bloating Stomach Colitis and Intestinal Aerophagia Nausea and Functional Colopathy Instructions for use: a spoonful in a glass of water let infuse then filter drink 1 glass before each meal Avoid soft drinks, coffee with milk, and starchy foods during treatment

G Point x1

Price 12.00

point G an egg that will allow you to reach orgasm a sensation that you have never experienced before coated with essential oils to stimulate the woman to reach an orgasm ideal for women experiencing severe low libido vaginal dryness bad smell the egg treats vaginal infections

Brazilian Balls Cold effect x2

Price 12.90

Brazilian balls lube and massage sensation frisson fraicheur.x2 To be inserted directly into the vagina for a discreet lubricant. Melt on the skin for a pleasure massage.

Power Fertility Cocktail 250g

Price 25.00

A cocktail composed of plants and honey to cure impotence and sexual frigidity, strengthens sperm, Fights premature ejaculation, useful in case of general weakness, Strengthens the immune system ideal for infertility in men