Magic powder

Price 10.00

Powder 100% plants said magic for its effects on the body of the woman. Increases libido improves natural lubrication 2 teaspoons mix with yogurt or fresh milk to drink 1 hour before bedtime

Wood to get hard

Price 15.00

Wood to get hard is a pure Brazilian food supplement for men and women made from plants, composed mainly of muira puama extract, an active ingredient known for its stimulating and energizing properties.

Lioness Cocktail 250g

Price 25.00

A mixture of plants to give a smile to women Relieves menstrual pain Stimulates the ovary Filter the puerperal blood Increases sexual desire Increases sexual performance Ingredients: Ginger black cumin pollen from the palm tree essential oils honey and others .. take a spoonful then drink a hot drink 1 hour before intercourse or in CURE 2x a day

Kabako tea

Price 15.00

Kabako tea is a tea recognized for these incredible effects on men The essential tea of ​​men !! a mix of plants for sexual performance, endurance and more!