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Menstrual cup - L size - Pink

Price 12.50

The menstrual cup is designed to recover the menstrual flow, as well as tampons and towels. It is a natural, practical, comfortable and healthy alternative. It can be inserted and removed as often as necessary and provides protection up to 12 hours. There is no risk of pollution of your vaginal mucosa or drip.

Colon bloating herbal tea

Price 10.00

Bloating Stomach Colitis and Intestinal Aerophagia Nausea and Functional Colopathy Instructions for use: a spoonful in a glass of water let infuse then filter drink 1 glass before each meal Avoid soft drinks, coffee with milk, and starchy foods during treatment

Paradise 3 in 1

Price 15.00

paradise is a triple action lubricating oil this lubricant fights irritations, infections and bad smells its triple action provides intense pleasure for partners and gives off a fruity smell give a force to the man women love it !! bottle of 30 ml

G Point x1

Price 12.00

point G an egg that will allow you to reach orgasm a sensation that you have never experienced before coated with essential oils to stimulate the woman to reach an orgasm ideal for women experiencing severe low libido vaginal dryness bad smell the egg treats vaginal infections

Healing - Convalescence 250g

Price 20.00

A jam made of ginger and ginseng stimulates the immune system helps you recover after an illness energizing and stimulating recommended after childbirth or mental and physical weakness

Musow herbal tea 100g

Price 10.00

Musow herbal tea is composed of plants and herbs to fight against the inconveniences: Menopause - Hot flashes - Sweating - White bleeding - Vaginal itching - Uterine inflammation Add 2 tablespoons to half a liter of boiling water, let steep for 20 minutes then strain Drink 1 glass before each meal   an ally of the woman

Tisane calmos 100g

Price 7.90

Anti-pain Butter

Price 15.00

Anti pain butter, mixture of plants, rice and shea butter to relieve joint pain curvature dislocation of bones back pain, knees .. especially after a fracture to use 2x per week for one week consult a specialist after treatment very very powerful effect!

Geisha Ball Glamy

Price 17.90

Removable Geisha balls to effectively strengthen the perineum. 2 removable glass beads for easy maintenance. Total length 153 mm Diameter 35 mm Weight in Gr 118

Carnitine fat burning capsule

Price 13.90

Carnitine is very effective for weight loss because it transports oxidized fatty acids to mitochondria the capsules are composed of plants guarana, carnitine effective natural fat burners to beat the extra pounds effective for athletes Directions for use: 2 capsules a day in one dose (late morning)


Price 15.00

who does not dream of a vagina young safe tighten the vagina, firm while fighting against infections have confidence in you in bed, a tonic vagina provides more pleasure! 100% minerals, put 3 pinches in lukewarm water and then wash intimate  immediate effect!

Confort intime

Price 8.50

lotion for an intimate toilet 100% decoction of plants cures vaginal infections do an intimate toilet twice a day