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Musow herbal tea 100g

Price 10.00

Musow herbal tea is composed of plants and herbs to fight against the inconveniences: Menopause - Hot flashes - Sweating - White bleeding - Vaginal itching - Uterine inflammation Add 2 tablespoons to half a liter of boiling water, let steep for 20 minutes then strain Drink 1 glass before each meal   an ally of the woman

Healing - Convalescence 250g

Price 20.00

A jam made of ginger and ginseng stimulates the immune system helps you recover after an illness energizing and stimulating recommended after childbirth or mental and physical weakness

Geisha Ball Smart

Price 12.90

Their olive shape facilitates their installation Thanks to a patented and unique manufacturing process, these Geisha balls are the quietest in the world. Ideal for toning the perineum and thus sublimate sensations during intimate relationships. Diameter 3.7cm. Weight: 90gr Water based lubricant recommended Hypoallergenic materials

Capsule for men

Price 15.00

Organic capsule particularly recommended for men experiencing erection problems, sexual breakdown, weaknesses, punctually or recurrent or in search of increased performance Mixture of plants including superba butea and others

Detox Ovule x3

Price 20.00

Ovum detox 100% medicinal plants to fight against any intimate problems itching, mycosis, cyst, bad smell, white loss .. 3 eggs

Herbal tea of ​​tranquility

Price 12.00

Man & Woman A blend of African plants selected from the best herbalist including vetiver and other plants gives a good intimate and bodily smell, allows the natural moistening of the vagina, purifies cleanses and heals detox tummy pains prevents urinary tract infections well in women than in men