Pimenter le lit a vu le jour en 2015, une boutique spécialisé dans la vente de produits aphrodisiaques dit "secret de femme" et "secret des hommes".

Tous ces produits sont dédiés au plaisir et l'épanouissement du couple en passant par les plantes naturelles.

Depuis l'ouverture, pimenter le lit se veut être une boutique de qualité ou tout est mise en place pour satisfaire ses clients.  

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Appetite Adults/Children 250g

Price 20.00

Do you want to gain weight or just get fat but also the appetite is not there? this mixture will help you gain weight and stimulate the appetite you will take a few pounds strengthens the digestive system for adults and children taste fenugreek chocolate 100% natural Instructions for use: teaspoon 2x per day

Aphrodisiac Midnight Bath

Price 8.90

Sea crystals for the bath. Live a sensual moment of relaxation and eroticism in a colorful bath, wrapped in a soft mousse with delicate scents. The water is colored by the crystals that melt in the hot water, they release their delicate perfume for the pleasure of the senses. Let the crystals dissolve in the hot water.

Wood to get hard

Price 15.00

Wood to get hard is a pure Brazilian food supplement for men and women made from plants, composed mainly of muira puama extract, an active ingredient known for its stimulating and energizing properties.

Brazilian Balls VIBRATOR x2

Price 12.00

Brazilian balls lubricating and massage sensation vibrations. Use: this place in the vagina or to melt on the body At the same time, exudes a delicious aroma that stimulates the senses, such as smell and taste, creating an atmosphere of eroticism and sensuality. Ideal for discovering unimaginable sensations of pleasure.