Unforgettable evening

Unforgettable evening

Stay Up

Price 15.00

Delaying cream that allows better control of excitement and ejaculation.

Excess of love

Price 20.00

Excess of love with this gel you will be able to combine thrill and orgasm 2 hazelnuts on intimate parties and let yourself be surprised excitement before during and after .. composed of natural product aloe vera, water essential oil, peppermint and other ingredients

Paradise 3 in 1

Price 15.00

paradise is a triple action lubricating oil this lubricant fights irritations, infections and bad smells its triple action provides intense pleasure for partners and gives off a fruity smell give a force to the man women love it !! bottle of 30 ml

G Point x1

Price 12.00

point G an egg that will allow you to reach orgasm a sensation that you have never experienced before coated with essential oils to stimulate the woman to reach an orgasm ideal for women experiencing severe low libido vaginal dryness bad smell the egg treats vaginal infections

Brazilian Balls Cold effect x2

Price 12.90

Brazilian balls lube and massage sensation frisson fraicheur.x2 To be inserted directly into the vagina for a discreet lubricant. Melt on the skin for a pleasure massage.

Brazilian Balls Mint flavored X2

Price 10.00

The heat of the body melts the ball that releases its lubricating massage oil. Use: this place in the vagina or to melt on the body At the same time, exudes a delicious aroma that stimulates the senses, such as smell and taste, creating an atmosphere of eroticism and sensuality. MAKE HIM MELT !!!!!

7th heaven

Price 15.90

Totally natural water-based gel, essential oil that will send your darling to the 7th heaven it is also called ardent desire .. A desire for the couple the effect is like icy. To apply on the intimate part just before intercourse can be applied also on the sex of the man directly.

Aphrodisiac Midnight Bath

Price 8.90

Sea crystals for the bath. Live a sensual moment of relaxation and eroticism in a colorful bath, wrapped in a soft mousse with delicate scents. The water is colored by the crystals that melt in the hot water, they release their delicate perfume for the pleasure of the senses. Let the crystals dissolve in the hot water.

Luminous Bine Bine

Price 10.00

Bine Bine, baya, kidney beads the essential jewelry for seduction whether you have a generous shape or a fine size, the baya bine bina kidney pearls will enhance your sizes put your baya around the waist and wander the man turns into a wolf

Brazilian Balls heat cold X2

Price 12.00

Brazilian balls lubricating or massage for a cold warm effect .X2. To insert directly into the vagina for a discreet lubricant the balls with 2 actions massage and discreet lubrication the effect is breathtaking

Brazilian Balls SHOCK x6

Price 20.00

Brazilian balls lubricating and massage sensation vibrations.X6. To be inserted into the vagina for a discreet lubricant.


Price 10.00

Checkbook of 20 romantic challenge checks that he or she will have to take up. To slip him in the pocket, to deposit him on the pillow .... briefly let him discover the surprise to prepare.