Beauty/Body care

huile de chebe 50ml

Price 10.00

savon citron

Price 5.00

Ankle Chain

Price 8.00

adjustable ankle chain

The Palm Tree cream

Price 10.00

face cream specially for fats and acnes based on palm oil suitable for all skin types a natural product for face care apply on the face morning and evening of 3 days of use you will notice the difference.

Miracle milk body

Price 15.00

Milk miracle a natural milk composed of watermelon, tomato, milk natural essences .. to nourish and beautify the skin texture leaves skin smooth and hydrated lightens gently while caring for the skin with vitamin C kojic protein and collagen apply after bathing

Plant lotion

Price 10.00

Herbal extract quickly removes pimples and blackheads. Rejuvenates and ensures soft skin How to use: Apply to cleansed skin Composition: chamomile plant extract, parsley rose essential oils ...

Mixed Africa Mask

Price 7.00

And if the solution for perfect skin was simply in nature the africa mask is composed of natural ingredients coffee mainly rice, lemon a mask that will give radiance to the complexion a mask that fits as well in women than in men mattifying, anti-acne, soothing and more than that frequency of use 2x per week

Clay vegetable soap Man/Woman

Price 6.00

The vegetable soap absorbs impurities and grease like a blotter, they are then eliminated by rinsing. It moisturizes, revitalizes and softens the skin and protects it from drying out. It reduces cracks and cracks It cleans acne skin, suitable for skin loss of elasticity.  slightly perfumed with the scent of rose essence

Cucumber soap Man/Woman

Price 8.00

Whitens the skin and cleans pores Moisturizer, antiseptic, soothing, laxative, and softener for all skin types Activates cellular regeneration of the face Anti-acne and blackheads

Djema soap

Price 8.00

djema soap is a collagen and vitamin lightening soap that will make your complexion clearer without attacking the skin suitable for all types of skin ideal for those looking for a lighter complexion

savon gingembre

Price 5.00