Men's secret

Men's secret

Spray M Up

Price 15.00

based on plant ingredients to ensure a longer and stronger erection. improves erection control

Stay Up

Price 15.00

Delaying cream that allows better control of excitement and ejaculation.

Excess of love

Price 20.00

Excess of love with this gel you will be able to combine thrill and orgasm 2 hazelnuts on intimate parties and let yourself be surprised excitement before during and after .. composed of natural product aloe vera, water essential oil, peppermint and other ingredients

Power Fertility Cocktail 250g

Price 25.00

A cocktail composed of plants and honey to cure impotence and sexual frigidity, strengthens sperm, Fights premature ejaculation, useful in case of general weakness, Strengthens the immune system ideal for infertility in men

Heart of Love Heart of Heating Massage

Price 18.00

Beautiful heart offers tender and languorous massage in sensual heat shedding.

Brazilian Balls Cold effect x2

Price 12.90

Brazilian balls lube and massage sensation frisson fraicheur.x2 To be inserted directly into the vagina for a discreet lubricant. Melt on the skin for a pleasure massage.

Léon frisson augmenter le volume du sperme

Price 13.90

Heated massage gel

Price 8.00

Heating massage gel, energizing and stimulating for a massage between well-being and the sensual 100g

Mixed Africa Mask

Price 7.00

And if the solution for perfect skin was simply in nature the africa mask is composed of natural ingredients coffee mainly rice, lemon a mask that will give radiance to the complexion a mask that fits as well in women than in men mattifying, anti-acne, soothing and more than that frequency of use 2x per week

Libido Performance

Price 10.00

Performance is a blend of plants added to 100% natural honey bluff your partner by taking a spoonful 30 to 1 hour before the appointment does not mix! For women and men looking for performance, increases libido

Cucumber soap Man/Woman

Price 8.00

Whitens the skin and cleans pores Moisturizer, antiseptic, soothing, laxative, and softener for all skin types Activates cellular regeneration of the face Anti-acne and blackheads

Stand Up gel

Price 15.00

Stand up is a double-effect erection cream, modulated vasodilatation and a pleasant warm-cold sensory effect