Herbal tea of ​​tranquility

Man & Woman

A blend of African plants selected from the best herbalist including vetiver and other plants

gives a good intimate and bodily smell, allows the natural moistening of the vagina, purifies cleanses and heals detox tummy pains prevents urinary tract infections well in women than in men

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the herbal tea of ​​tranquility is an herbal tea whose plants and herbo have been sectioned among African herbalists

this herbal tea has enormous benefits on the health of the woman and the man, the herbal tea of ​​the tranquility will help you to clean deeply the intestines and the colon, to fight against the pain of painful rules, the impurities of the belly and especially the urinary infections a mixture of vetiver, khamarré, cepp and other medicinal plants and root will be your ally!

 2 herbal teas per day

pack of 15 sachets

tisane de la tranquillité
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