Power of plants

Power of plants

Memory 250g

Price 20.00

Adults / Children Memory jam composed of plants and honey: Stimulates and activates memory Useful in case of mental and physical fatigue Treats anemia and strengthens the immune system Useful in case of weakness, nervous breakdown, fear, anxiety and also in recovery period Instructions: 1 teaspoon before morning and evening meals

Tisane calmos 100g

Price 7.90

Anti-pain Butter

Price 15.00

Anti pain butter, mixture of plants, rice and shea butter to relieve joint pain curvature dislocation of bones back pain, knees .. especially after a fracture to use 2x per week for one week consult a specialist after treatment very very powerful effect!

Confort intime

Price 8.50

lotion for an intimate toilet 100% decoction of plants cures vaginal infections do an intimate toilet twice a day