Weight loss

Weight loss

Carnitine fat burning capsule

Price 13.90

Carnitine is very effective for weight loss because it transports oxidized fatty acids to mitochondria the capsules are composed of plants guarana, carnitine effective natural fat burners to beat the extra pounds effective for athletes Directions for use: 2 capsules a day in one dose (late morning)

Garcinia appetite suppressant capsule

Price 15.90

Garcinia cambogia, a plant known for its leanness and weight loss benefits These capsules will help you achieve your diet and weight loss goals overweight causes a lot of diseases! 100% natural 2 capsules in the morning

Slimming herbal tea

Price 15.00

Satiety effect and hunger cut Herbal tea composed of several plants including: sage leaves, quack grass, fucus, kelp .... Reduces appetite, heals constipation; eliminates excess body fat, heals obesity and treats cellulite Instructions for use: 2 spoons in half a liter of boiling water let infuse 15 minutes drink 1 hot glass before each meal