If for some, a perfect skin is like an inaccessible dream, a beautiful skin is an achievable goal just know some essential concepts and spend a little time on care.


The notions: the amount of sebum secreted by the skin, and the areas where it is produced in priority.

Our skin evolves, fat one day, it can be dry the next day, a poor diet can be responsible for blackheads and its oily appearance.

 Stress and Climat changes leave traces on the skin making it dull and tired.

To fight these enemies you must then take care of your skin and that throughout your life, and yes!

Dry skin :

To take care of a dry skin it is often the tendency to the oil while it is not the right solution, a dry skin particularly needs water so your water bottles 1 liter a day you will do good! use water-based creams.

Air conditioning (clim) and wind contribute to the dryness of the skin Apply a moisturizer at least 2x a day and a night care from time to time. 

Dry skin retains moisture with difficulty because it produces little protective fat dehydrated skin is the sign of a lack of water throughout the body.

Oily skin :

Oily skin offers benefits a natural moisturizing substance that protects the epidermis from aggression both inside and inside the aging process.

Disadvantages : being prone to seborrhea (excess fat) which dilates the pores and causes pimple eruptions and yes oily skin = pimples.


People with oily skin tend to wash too much, too much to stimulate, which allows the production of sebum.

That's all for the moment!

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