Of all the difficult moments, the discovery of infidelity is inevitably the worst of all.
Why ?
Because it calls into question one of the main bases of the conjugal relationship : 
The nightmare of infidelity also confirms that our darling is a vulnerable human being !!
Unfaithfulness is for most couples an EARTHQUAKE !  
 These are the questions we ask ourselves after experiencing the earthquake
How can I continue to love a wrongdoer ?
How can I love a being who betrays me and maybe I do not admire anymore ?
Here are the questions we ask ourselves after experiencing the earthquake.
Following this discovery, it is not surprising that 2 couples out of 3 end their relationship, because unable to recreate this trust and this fundamental attraction, but I remind you that infidelity is not the cause of divorce. is rather the consequence of a conjugal imbalance.
If the couple manages to overcome this ordeal the deceived person will tend to use this injury against his unfaithful partner at every moment of storm.
I name 2 forms of infidelities :
1 sexual exclusivity = having purely sexual relations with one or more people.
2 Affective infidelity = the man who invests all his time at work or outside and the woman who devotes all her time to her children is emotionally unfaithful.
It is important to find a happy medium!
This choice is experienced by the unbeliever in a heartbreaking way, especially if there is an ongoing relationship with the lover (e), the following dilemma arises: Leave his partner to go live with the other or stop my relationship extramarital to reinvest myself in my relationship.
This ambiguity generally confronts the being of duty who wants to respect his commitments, and the being of pleasure who lives a new passion based on novelty.
These two personalities exist in each of us when the being of pleasure does not find more satisfactions in his couple, the risks of infidelity rise.
 The deceived person wonders whether or not to leave their partner as a result of this betrayal.
the real question is not to wonder if you have to LEAVE or STAY with your partner but rather: what can I do to restore balance in my relationship? to find in my couple the pleasures that I find elsewhere?
Infidelity is a sign of imbalance, so we must look for the sources of this imbalance and make them disappear my pimenteuzzz !
Some happy couples have had to deal with the infidelity of one or the other, and yes! nobody is safe at 100%
After this moment of misguidance we must question ourselves ladies and gentlemen, the infidelity reinforces the conflict dynamics that is to say that the person scorned believes he has the right to express his anger and make the other pay !

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